RONAL fans are the best!

Our customers are constantly surprising us with their extravagant vehicle designs. Ahead of the field this year is  industry mechanic and mother-of-three Yvonne with her Golf 5 GTI and its RONAL stickers.

08 May 2019

It was always Yvonne's goal to make her new car the center of attention. That's why she chose a Golf 5 GTI 200 HP in on-trend GTI Red which she immediately pimped up to 230 HP. She knew that  this car had to have the right wheels and RONAL was her first choice.

But which to choose? The RONAL R62 Red or the RONAL R57 MCR JB/RS. The R57 with its striking triple-spoke design in funky jetblack-red won out in the end. We think that that's a GREAT CHOICE!

Yvonne asked vehicle wrapper Olaf Hetzer from Werbepark Schwandorf, who had already restyled both her previous cars and in whom she had complete confidence, to turn her car into an unmissable eye-catcher.  Olaf was given carte-blanche to perform the transformation with the words every vehicle wrapper wants to hear: "Just make it as cool and as attention-grabbing as you can, doesn't matter how. I don't want to see it until it's finished", said Yvonne.

The result blew Yvonne, and us, totally away. Amazing! No wonder that Yvonne's eldest, Fabian (18), is also keen to cruise around in this little beauty.  

We asked the likable Bavarian Yvonne what she thought about when she was in her car. "I think about my brother Markus, who passed away last year. He would have absolutely loved it. And I think that at 40, you are only as old as you feel. That's why this GTI fits so perfectly!“

We wish Yvonne and her family a fun-filled future with this fantastic car and are delighted that she shared these images with us.

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